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Cura Consulting Solutions offers two options related to outsourcing:


a)   Support all IT services including in-house or remote data center support


b)   Support selected IT services such as facilities management, help desk, remote data center and providing technical personnel



   Outsourcing and related Offerings 


 An overriding goal of Cura Consulting Solutions based outsourcing is to align information systems with operational processes to gain maximum leverage through automation. 

 1)     Manage facility IT expenses while providing added services such as HIPAA, JCAHO and error reduction initiatives. In addition “service excellence” measured through customer satisfaction and compliance with pre-established service level agreements (SLAs).

 2)     Conduct “due diligence” of IT systems. Due diligence gives an overall picture of the health of IT; problems that are creating the biggest impediments and solutions that will reduce the cost of IT operations and increase system effectiveness.

 The process of due diligence culminates in a report that highlights areas of opportunity. Due diligence can lower costs, improve networks and increase user satisfaction in health care entities.

 3)     Provide support for a myriad of IT services such as:       

*      Facilities management - manage IT operations

*   Help desk –provide optimum user support using SLAs

*   Data center management

*   Software support – system maintenance, enhancement, new version management and implementation services